Don Valley West


One Week To Go - Federal Election in Don Valley West
October 12, 2015

We are ONE Week Away from Election Day. Canadians will be deciding whether they want to continue with Stephen Harper’s leadership or elect a government without a strong track record of success.

Our Conservative candidate in Don Valley West, John Carmichael, has received a positive and warm reception at the doors and on the campaign trail. However, he needs as much help as possible as we get closer to Election Day. The Liberals are a major factor here in this riding and the race is going to be extremely close.
Here are some opportunities to get involved in John’s campaign:

Door to Door and Telephone Canvassing:
John needs volunteers to come with him to knock on doors. Volunteers are asked to meet 15 minutes prior to the canvass at the campaign office located The campaign also needs volunteers to make phone calls in the evenings from 5:30pm to 8:00pm to identify supporters.

Any help on this important day is much appreciated in order to help John get re-elected as our Member of Parliament in Don Valley West!

GOTV Training is taking place this week on the following days and times: 

October 13th 7pm  

October 15th 8pm 
October 17th 4pm 
October 18th 11am 
Please let John’s team know your availability for these important events by contacting the campaign office at 416-485-4444. 

Only Stephen Harper, John Carmichael and the rest of the Conservative Party of Canada team have the experience and judgment required to guide Canada through the economic and foreign policy challenges that lie ahead. We are stronger together as a united Conservative team. With your help, we can see John return to Ottawa as our Member of Parliament for Don Valley West.
We hope to see you on the campaign trail in this final week of the campaign!

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